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Membership FAQ

  • Do we have to designate the future date for memberships to resume? Yes. We do not allow open ended freezes.


  • Will future payment dates shift by the length of the suspension? No. The charge dates remain as-is and no charges will be run during suspension except the freeze fee, if any. After resuming, the membership will be charged on the resume date and the following regular billing date.


  • Do the memberships automatically extend by the suspension period? They do not extend at this time. 


  • Can I make changes to my memberships through my account? At this time, all changes have to be done by our engineering team. We do have a template that can be found HERE to assist with communicating exactly what you want with our engineering team. 


  • Will I be charged extra to set up my memberships? Not for the initial setup. If we are making frequent changes, you may be, as it does take time from our developers to create and implement these. To avoid extra charges, please be as complete as possible for the initial setup. 
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