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Cancelling Customer Memberships

Membership cancellations are an unfortunate thing but do come up. For some merchants, they may offer to allow the dollar credits that the customer has accrued to be used for a set amount of time after the termination date. 


To cancel the customer’s membership you will need to go to their profile under Clients and scroll down to the Membership section. Click on Edit Membership.


If a cancellation fee is needed you click on the dollar value and enter in the total the customer should be billed. If you are adding anything to this section, be sure to hit Save to keep any changes.


Once you click on Cancel Membership, you will be asked to confirm you do want to cancel the membership.


After you confirm the cancellation, you are then prompted on if you would like to issue a refund to the customer.


If you select Yes this will take you to their latest ticket, where they were charged, to issue a refund.


You can issue a partial refund. Just update the total on the right side to show the amount that should be refunded to the client. 


Once canceled, the membership will show Canceled in Red on the membership line, as well as under the Status. If the cancelation date is further out, for example, you require 30 days' notice, you will see the Cancelation Pending in Orange. The cancel date will also be noted.



If there are credits on the customer’s account that can be used after the termination of their membership, they will be noted as Expired on Date. In the event you need to modify credits for the customer after cancellation, you can do so by clicking on Edit Membership


In the example of the same day cancellation, the membership was canceled on the 25th of March, and the credits are available until the 29th.


In the example of the future date cancellation, the membership cancels on 4/30, but any credits will be good until 5/4.


The timeframe for how long credits will be valid is designated through Settings. To learn more about membership settings CLICK HERE.


Please Note: You can cancel the termination of a membership only on cancellations that are still pending. You are unable to restore a canceled membership. The customer would need to have a new membership added to their account.

In the event you need to modify credits for the customer after cancellation, you can do so by clicking on Edit Membership


Please Note: Updating the Membership Price here, will not affect what they were already billed, This will only update the amount they should be billed if their cancellation date is after their next billing period.

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