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Freezing and Unfreezing a Customer’s Membership

Allowing customers to Freeze their memberships can be a great way to keep a customer as a member should they need to suspend payments for a short period of time, instead of just outright canceling their membership.


To enable the freeze a client’s membership, you will go to their Client Record under Clients and scroll down to Memberships and click on their membership to expand the details.


Depending on your policy for suspending memberships, you can add a fee to be applied during this hold. To add this fee you will first click on Edit Membership


This will open the details for the memberships. To add the Freeze Fee that will apply during this period you will click on the dollar value in blue. This will allow you to enter the fee that should be applied monthly during this period.


Once you have made any necessary changes to the membership and saved them, you are ready to actually start the freeze. To do so you will click on Freeze under Status.


This will open up a window that gives you the option to select the freeze start and end date. An end date is required to proceed to the next screen. Once the dates have been selected, click Freeze Membership.

Please Note: You cannot change the end date once the membership is frozen.


You will be asked to confirm that you want to freeze the membership.


Once a membership is frozen, the status shown on the client page will update from the green Active to a red Frozen for quick reference.


If you expand the membership details you will also see under Status that it is listed as Frozen. There is also a link there to Unfreeze the membership early.


If you select Unfreeze, you will be asked to confirm you want to reactivate their membership and bill them for the current month.


The designation for if credits that can be used during a freeze are set up through Settings. To learn more about membership settings CLICK HERE.


Please Note: If all memberships have been Frozen for your account due to a temporary closure (ie: COVID-19) any membership that was in a Suspended status for non-payment will be updated to a Frozen status until this Freeze is lifted. Once the freeze is lifted the membership will be attempted to charge again. If it is still not successful, the membership status will update back to Suspended. 


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