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Membership Settings

Freezing and Cancelling memberships are an unfortunate part of offering memberships to your customers. Because there can be a variety of ways a merchant would want to handle these, we have some settings for you to customize. To access these you will go to Business Setup > Settings > Memberships


The different sections of your membership settings are as follows: 


  1. Allow freezing: This turns the freeze feature on or off
  2. Freeze length per year: You can put a cap on how long a freeze can be held. 
  3. Dollar credits usable during freeze period: Allows the customer to pay for services/products with accrued credits from their membership even if it is frozen.
  4. Service credits usable during freeze: Allows the customer to use accrued service credits from their membership even if it is frozen.
  5. Membership discounts usable during freeze: Can the customer still receive their discount if they purchase during this timeframe? Allows the customer to use the discounts that apply to their membership level.
  6. Duration Credits are Valid after Membership Termination: How long the customer can use their accrued credits after they have canceled their membership.


Please Note: If you are not using a specific credit type or the discounts for your memberships those lines will not be applicable to you. 

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