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Membership Promotion Setup

Membership Promotions

You can also run promotions on the purchase of memberships, gift cards, and packages. In the following example, we will show you how to create a promotion for the initial purchase of a membership.

Step 1: Marketing-Promotions-Create New Promotion

Step 2: In the general settings create the Promotion Name and the applicable information/restrictions. (See example below.)


Step 3: Click Next to the Criteria and Benefits section. You will select all qualified items to include memberships.


Step 4: Select the % or $ off as the benefit, and apply to each item in criteria up to 1 item. Don’t forget to click Save!


When the benefit is applied it will discount the initial purchase of the membership.

Please note: In most cases memberships are sold to new clients so a best practice is to make sure to set auto-apply to no. That way it opens up the option to apply to new clients. Remember if auto-apply is set to yes, it removes the option to apply to a new client. You will need to apply the discount manually from the discounts drop-down.


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