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Promotion Feature FAQ

How do these changes differ from the current promotion feature?

Answer: We have been working  hard to bring you more advanced promotion options such as BOGOs, Buy X and save $ or %, discounts on the initial purchase of packages, gift cards, and membership, and even bundle options (buy 2 products and get your service free/discounted.) 


 Will this change affect my current promotions?

 Answer: No. We will be migrating any current promotions into the new promotions feature to allow a   smooth transition. 


 Where do I go to set up a promotion?

 Answer: To set up a promotion, you select Marketing > Promotions > Create New Promotion


 What do the three icons mean next to my “live” promotion? 

 Answer: The three icons next to your live promotion, allow you to edit, duplicate, or delete


 What happens when I select Auto-apply when creating a promotion? 

 Answer: When auto-apply is set to yes, this means the promotion will be automatically applied at checkout for in-store transactions only.  Also note, that when auto-apply is selected, the next two fields Promotion Code, and Barcode will be greyed out.  If you would like your promotion code to be available for online bookings, you will need to make sure that auto-apply is set to "no.' 


What does it mean when restrictions are greyed out on the General Settings Page?  

Answer: You will see certain restrictions greyed out when auto-apply has been selected for the promotion you are creating. Depending on what options are selected for your promotion setup, options that are not compatible will automatically be greyed out.


How is the promotion applied at check-out if I do not select auto-apply when creating a promotion? 

Answer: The discount will need to be manually selected from the discount drop-down  menu on the Point of Sale Ticket and then select “apply” for the discount to be added. Alternatively, the customer will enter the code online during their checkout if auto-apply has been set to "no." 


What does Promotion Criteria mean?   

Answer: Promotion Criteria is where you will set the requirements and qualified items for your promotion. If you have questions regarding the requirements field, you can hover over the tools icon (the question mark) to see the requirements definitions.

In the Qualified Items section, you can choose to either include or exclude services, products, events/classes, gift cards, packages, and memberships from the drop-down menu. For example, in the screenshot below, you can see that this promotion will include all services and products. You can also choose to add additional requirements and qualified items. 


What does Promotion Benefit mean? 

Answer: This section will allow you to set the benefit that the customer will receive once the criteria, that was defined at the top, has been met. The versatility between these two sections allows the ability for specialized events. 


 I just set up my promotion, when does it go into effect?  

Answer: If you enter the start date for your promotion as today, it will go into effect as soon as you hit save. If you select a future date, it will go into effect at midnight on the morning of the chosen start date. 


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