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BOGO Promotion Setup

Buy One Get One 

Step 1: Marketing-Promotions-Create New Promotion

Step 2: In the general settings create the Promotion Name and the applicable information/restrictions. (See example below.)


Step 3: Click Next to go to the Criteria and Benefits section. You will first select the services and or products this BOGO will apply to. In this example, the BOGO will apply to ALL services.


Step 4: To create a BOGO you will first select the benefit which will be either free, $ off, or % off. You will then select different qualified items so the benefit doesn’t apply to all items on the ticket. Next you will want to select the number of items this will apply to. In this BOGO example you will select 1. Don’t forget to click Save!


Below is an example of what the ticket will look like when a BOGO is automatically applied.

Please note: The lower priced item of the two items will be discounted.


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