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Promotion Setup

In this article you will find step by step instructions for creating basic, to more complex promotions. For advanced promotion setup  Click Here

How to set up a Promotion

  1. Click on Marketing
  2. Click on Promotions
  3. Click Create New Promotion


General Settings

The first section covers general settings, and is where you will begin setting up your promotion.This will include name, applicable location, description, and dates of the promotion as seen below. Fields with an asterisk next to them are required.

Create New Promotion




The next step is to decide if the promotion will auto-apply. If you select yes, the next two fields Promotion Code, and Barcode will be greyed out. 

When auto apply is set to yes, this means the promotion will be automatically applied at checkout.  Having the auto apply setting enabled to yes will prevent the promotion code from being used when booking online. If you would like the promotion code to be available for use during online booking, you will need to set auto apply to no.

Please note: When the Promo Code section is greyed out, the Promotion Name is how your promotion will be titled on the ticket and in reports.

The first two restrictions New Clients Only, and One User Per Ticket will also be greyed out. 

You have the option to create a Promotion ID which can be the same as the Promotion Name.



You can select additional restrictions or select next to continue setting up your promotion.



If you select no to auto apply, you can then create Promotion Code, Barcode, and Promotion ID.


Promotion Code: This is the code that clients will enter when booking online, and the code that will   be displayed in the discount drop-down menu on the new ticket page.


Barcode: You can enter a barcode for your promotion and when the barcode is scanned in POS the promotion will be applied. For example: Your client is using a coupon, you can scan the barcode on the coupon.


You will then choose the restrictions that will apply to your promotion and click NEXT. You will then move to the Criteria and Benefits section.


Criteria and Benefits

Promotion Criteria is where you will set the requirements and qualified items for your promotion.




Qualified Items

In this section you can choose to either include or exclude services, products, events/classes, gift cards, packages, and memberships from the drop-down menu. For example, in the screenshot below, you can see that this promotion will include all services and products. 

You can also choose to add additional requirements and qualified items.

Please note: You can delete a qualified item by clicking on the x in the circle next to the qualified item, and this will be removed from the promotion.



Promotion Benefit

This section will allow you to set the discount that will apply to the qualified items on the ticket. In the example below, we are applying a 10% discount to items that meet the criteria up to 1 item. This means that only 1 item can be discounted on the ticket, not every item that meets the criteria. If you purchase multiple services and or products the lowest priced item will be the one discounted. When you are finished setting the benefit select Publish Promotion.

Please note: You will receive an error message if the promotion was not set up correctly, and you will need to go back and correct the fields before you can publish.




Editing, Duplicating, or Deleting a Promo

Once your promotion has been published you will be directed back to the Promotions main page where you will see the status of this promotion. In the screenshot below you can see that the published promotion is currently live.


The three icons next to your live promotion, allow you to edit, duplicate, or delete. 

If you select to edit the promotion, you will be directed back to the settings and criteria section where you can edit the desired fields.



If you select the duplicate icon, the promotion criteria and benefits will all remain the same, however, you will need to select a new promotion name. 


You also have the option to pause your live promotion. First, you will need to select edit and then pause on the next screen.


Your promotion will then be in a pending pause status until you scroll to the bottom and click SAVE.



You will be directed back to the main promotions page where you will see that your promotion is paused. To unpause go through the same steps as above and click unpause then SAVE.


Once you have set up your live promotion, it will either auto apply or be available to be applied at checkout. 

Below are two examples that show what the ticket will look like at checkout. In the first example, you will see where the promotion was auto applied. The second shows a ticket where you can select the promotion.

Example 1: Promotion set to auto apply.



Example 2: Promotion set to not auto apply.



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