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Link/2500 Setup

You can be up and running, ready to take card payments in under 5 minutes with the plug & play capabilities of the Link/2500 pin-pad. Follow the few short steps below to set up your new card terminal. 

  1. Connect the included power cable by removing the flap on the right side of the Link/2500
  2. On the pin-pad press 2634. A menu will display showing your WiFi status & battery status. The WiFi indicator will be white, indicating the Link/2500 pin-pad is not connected to WiFi. Press the F key above the red XIMG_5962_2.jpg
  3. Select Tetra AdminIMG_5963.jpg
  4. Select 3-Configure Wi-Fi
    1. NOTE* If you are using this device for your mobile services it will need to connect to your MyTime device via a personal hotspot. Please activate your hotspot before moving to the next step. A Bluetooth connection option will be released for the Link/2500 in Q4 2020.
  5. Select 2-Scan Networks
  6. Click on your wireless network and enter the password *use the numbers on the keypad to input the WiFi password, use the # key to input symbols, use the yellow key to backspace/delete*
  7. The device will confirm to connect, click the green button on the pin-pad to confirm *the WiFi status will remain white if you have entered the wrong password. If the status remains white after 30 seconds you will need to press 3-My Networks then Delete All and try connecting again with the correct password*
  8. Press the red X 4-5 times to return to the home screen. 

You are now ready to take payments. The final step is to make sure you select the Link/2500 pin-pad from your list of card readers in MyTime (see screenshot below).


**TIP If you ever need to force reboot your terminal, hold the yellow key + # for 3 seconds**


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