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IT Tech BT Mag Pairing and Setup


  • Power on/off Device
    • Press the round power button and hold for 5 seconds
    • The green light will flash 3 times confirming power on or off
  • Pairing with iPad
    • Power the swiper device on
    • If the blue light on the swiper is flashing slowly, tap the power button 1 time. This will cause the blue light to flash quickly indicating “pairing mode” is active.
    • On your iPad navigate to Settings > Bluetooth > Click BT MAG to pair devices device (see screenshot below) 
  • Battery and Maintenance
    • The battery will last 4 hours with active use (10 swipes per hour) 
    • The battery will last 8 hours with less active use(less than 10 swipes per hour) 
    • If powered off the device will automatically pair once powered back on
  • MyTime iOS App Settings 
    • You need to let the MyTime app know which device you are using to swipe cards 
    • After clicking + credit card in the MyTime app, make sure you select the ID TECH BT Mag from the list of entry methods (see Exhibit 2 screenshot below) 




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