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Move/5000 Setup

You can be up and running, ready to take card payments in under 5 minutes with the plug & play capabilities of the Move/5000 pin-pad. Follow the few short steps below to set up your new card terminal. 



  1. Connect the included power brick to the charging base by detaching the removable door on the backside of the charging base. IMG_5954.jpgIMG_7763.jpg
  2. On the pin-pad press 2634. A menu will display showing your WiFi status & battery status. The WiFi indicator will be white, indicating the Move/5000 pin-pad is not connected to WiFi. Press the circle key above the red X (the circle key is the "F key for menu") IMG_5953.jpg
  3. You can use your finger for input OR utilize the included stylus in the rear of the pin-pad IMG_5955.jpg
  4. Select Tetra Admin
  5. Select 4-Configure Wi-Fi
  6. Select 2-Scan Networks 
  7. Click on your wireless network and enter the password *password entry defaults to caps, please see bottom of Move/5000 screen to toggle between caps, lower-case, numbers & special characters*
  8. The device will confirm to connect, click the green button on the pin-pad to confirm *the WiFi status will remain white if you have entered the wrong password. If the status remains white after 30 seconds you will need to press 3-My Networks then Delete All and try connecting again with the correct password*
  9. Press the red X 4-5 times to return to the home screen. 
  10. Once it has been connected to your network and is powered on, you will need to verify the HOST IP address is correct. To do this watch the video OR follow the steps below:
    1. Video: https://youtu.be/a3_8_iWgvzs
    2. Steps: Press 2,6,3,4 key sequence and the reader will ask to ‘Press F for menu’. Press the circle key above the red X.
    3. Select TDA -> Configuration -> Communication -> Ethernet Settings -> Host IP Address ->
    4. Enter (use the # key to input the period “.” character) > Press the green button to save your entry (If the above Host IP address is already entered you can press the red X until you return to the home screen then skip to step 11 below).
    5. You will return to the previous screen that says Ethernet at the top of the page. 
    6. Press the red X button three times until the terminal asks “Save and Reboot?“ -> Select Yes. The terminal will reboot several times. 
  11. Once connected and the reader has booted up you will see the MyTimePay screen (as seen here).
    1. If you don't see the MyTime Pay screen and instead see This Lane Closed (as seen here), you will need to register your reader to your MyTime account. Follow the steps here to register your reader then return to this article after registration.
  12. You are now ready to take payments.
    1. The final step is to make sure you select the Move/5000 pin-pad from your list of card readers in MyTime (see screenshot below).


**TIP If you ever need to force reboot your terminal, hold the yellow key + # for 3 seconds**


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