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Changes to Tax Processing

Changes to Tax Processing

Tax-Exempt Verification for Clients.

  • Clients can be set as tax-exempt. However, this will require the entry of a verification code or ID to be added to the client profile. This verification code is also copied to any tickets for the client, for reporting purposes.


  • A walk-in ticket can also be tagged as tax-exempt but will require a tax-exempt code to be inputted as well.


  • Tax-exempt does not necessarily mean that there is no tax due. Taxes now have a regular as well as an exempt rate.


  • If the tax is always due, even with tax-exempt clients, the two tax rates are to be set as the same as in the example for GST below. If the tax is reduced then the exempt rate should be less than the regular rate, as in the example for British Columbia. If taxes are totally exempt then the exempt rate will be 0% as in the example of as in Saskatchewan PST below.


  • All taxes added to a ticket will be detailed and not totaled on one line. Each tax will show as it’s own line with the name and tax rate listed. 



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