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Access Controls for Withdrawing Tips from Cash Drawer

You can now set Access Controls to determine which staff “role” has the capability to access tips from the cash drawer.

Step 1: From your MyTime Dashboard click on Business Setup in the upper right-hand corner drop-down list. Dashboard_-_MyTime.png

Step 2: Click on Staff and Availability and scroll to the bottom of the page to click on the Access Control Setting button. Staff___Availability.png




Step 3: Once you are taken to the Access Control Settings Page, you will see a list of Access Controls.  Click on the POS control button to edit the “Take Tips from Cash Drawer” settings. You will also need to select the employee role in the upper right-hand dropdown.MyTime.png


Step 4: Once you have selected the specific “role” you want to edit, you can then scroll down to the “Take Tips from Register” section and choose your specific access.  




You will be able to allow or block employees from taking their own tips as well as other staff members’ tips.  



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