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Membership Subscription Add-On Option

MyTime offers Memberships options that can be added to your subscription for $49.00/mo per location. This gives our merchants the capability of selling memberships to their business with recurring charges being handled by MyTime. Membership programs are completely customizable and a great source for recurring revenue. Some additional benefits of adding Memberships to your account include:  

  1. Flexible membership benefits, customized to your needs.
  2. Benefits apply automatically to your members' appointments.
  3. Charge your members on a recurring basis, with a customizable billing intervals

To add memberships to your MyTime Account, go to My Account > My Plan > View A La Carte Pricing > Select Client Memberships. Once you have added Memberships to your subscription, you will need to email support@mytime.com and provide the membership information (i.e. pricing, membership names, billing intervals) so that they can be customized and added to your account. You can also choose whether you would like the membership to use "dollar credits" or "service credits" for your memberships. Once your customized memberships have been created and added to your account, you will be able to begin offering memberships to your clients. 

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