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Tipping: Methods explained


There are several different ways to add a tip to a ticket.  Here you will find these methods explained.


Verbally (click for link to video)

  • Ask the customer if they would like to leave a tip.  You can manually input the tip amount on the ticket, before taking payment.  


  • Enter tip amount in the highlighted area then click “take payment” at the bottom of the page. 
  • You will be taken to the next page.  Click on “swipe card” to bring up the next step.


  • Not necessary to check the “authorize and settle later” option, since the tip is already determined.




Through a printed receipt (click for link to video):

  • This allows the customer to write in a tip on the printed receipt.
  • Here you will utilize the “authorize and settle later option”.  Make sure that the box is checked. This will authorize the card and print out a receipt for the customer to sign and leave a tip. 
  • Once you receive the receipt back, you will need to click settle payment, enter their tip amount, then settle the payment and close the ticket. 



Through a customer-facing Card Terminal 

  • When a card is tap, dipped, or swiped at a card terminal, pre-populated tip amounts will appear on the screen (example: 10%, 15%, 20%).  The customer is able to select an amount that is added to the final amount. 
  • You can choose to display % or $ amount for the tip. This is adjusted in Business Setup > Settings > Tipping (see screenshot below) 
    • If you choose % tipping - the customer will choose between three % options and other
    • If you choose $ tipping - the customer will need to enter a $ amount using 1-9 keys then press enter (green button) 



 via SMS         

  • For clients who have not booked AND paid online, but still have a credit card on file, we can send a text message during the appointment asking if they would like to add a tip. Clients have up to three hours after the appointment to respond with the tip amount. 
  • The SMS will be sent to the customer at the START of their appointment. For example, if their appointment starts at 5:00 PM they will receive an SMS around 5:00 PM (see screenshot below). 




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