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Exporting Clients

To export your client list in MyTime, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Clients tab
  2. Select the drop-down menu for "Manage Clients" 16659883-36b896cbfe5efe902f21ad96731a3ab8.png
  3. Once you select the drop-down menu, you will see three options for "Export Clients." The options include export all clients, export clients, and export filtered clients.
    • Export Clients - This means that you will be exporting your entire client base except (pets, family members).
    • Export Filtered Clients - This means that you will be exporting clients' information based on labels and/or specific filters that have been applied. 
    • Export Children - This means that you will be exporting the children's information (pets, family members, autos where applicable).


When exporting clients/pets/vehicles/family members, the system exports all default fields along with all custom fields.

 Additional export information

  • Fields for a pet are prefixed with pet (e.g. Vet Name => Pet Vet Name)
  • Fields for a vehicle are prefixed with vehicle (e.g. Name => Vehicle Name)
  • Fields for family members are prefixed with family


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