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Split Tip Option On New, Open and Closed POS Tickets

Merchants have the capability to split tips between staff members prior to closing the ticket. To split a tip, open either a new or open point of sale ticket. Next, you will select the blue highlighted word "split," which is found next to Tip in the appointment section of the point of sale ticket. Please see below:


Once you select, "split," a pop-up box will appear. You can add the staff member's name and tip amount or tip percentage each staff member will receive. Once you have entered all the necessary information, select "Save." 


The point of sale ticket will now display the split-tip information. Please see below: 


The merchant also has the option to edit the split-tip information on an open or closed point of sale tickets. You would go to the open or closed ticket and select the blue highlighted word "edit" found next to the Tip section and make any necessary changes. Please see the two examples below: 

Closed Ticket Example


Open ticket example


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