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Can I Export from the Listing Manager?

You are able to export your listing information based on three timeframe settings. 30 Days, 90 Days or 180 Days. This is chosen in the upper left-hand corner. You can also select a Location Tag (If you have multiple locations), and What Directory, should you only want to review information for one particular site. 


These selections will update your dashboard view once chosen. To export the listings you will scroll down to where they are listed and click on the Download Icon.




Report Columns: 


Column Description
LocId Identifier for Location
BranchId Identifier for Branch
Directory Name Short Website Name
Directory Short Website URL
Listing URL Direct URL to Listing
Listing Name Business Name as shown on the external listing
Provided Name Business Name as entered in MyTime
Listing Address Address noted on the listing 
Provided Address Address as entered on MyTime
Listing City City noted on listing
Provided City City as entered in MyTime
Listing Region State/Region on listing
Provided Region State/Region as entered on MyTime
Listing Postal/Zip Code Zip Code on listing
Provided Postal/Zip Code Zip Code as entered on MyTime
Listing Country Country on listing
Provided Country Country as entered on MyTime
Listing Phone Phone number on the listing
Provided Phone Phone number as entered on MyTime
Listing Website Referenced website on the listing
Provided Website MyTime's Direct URL
Duplicate Status Indicates if the information is duplicated on the main listing website.


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