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Campaign and Promotion Results

So, you sent your campaign, now what?

Getting the most out of your campaigns can be a bit tricky. Everyone wants to know if it was hot, or not. If it wasn’t so hot, you can work on it and tweak it to get the results you are ultimately working for. For more tips on marketing emails visit our 5 Tips for Improving your Email Campaigns help page.

To help you judge the success of your campaigns we have 5 different categories: Bounced, Opened, Clicked, Booked, and Revenue. To see how your campaign performed go to Marketing > Campaigns > Sent.


By clicking on the different fields throughout the results you can see the contents of the campaign, and the clients that this was ultimately sent to.



Bounced: These emails are no longer relevant, out of date, or misspelled. Essentially the customer is not, and will not receive your notice.  You are able to update and maintain these client records by clicking on the hyperlinked name in the box.

Opened: The customers opened your email. It caught their attention and they opened it.

Clicked: The customer clicked through your email to get to the booking page, view more information, etc. This indicates further interest, with a possible intent to book. Perhaps not at this time, but it does move it further into the customer's attention to let them think on it further.

Booked: The customer clicked all the way through and booked an appointment.

Revenue: This is the revenue that you generated from this promotion.


While everyone wants 100% Opened, Clicked, and Booked on a campaign, that isn’t going to happen. The real goal is to remove as many bounced emails as possible. This helps with the spam algorithms that email providers use. And second, to have your customers open the emails. You want them to think of you and your service. While they may not need to or can’t book now, you want them to think of you first when they do need to book.


It is easier to maintain an existing customer than find new customers. Existing customers need to know that they are valued. Making sure that you are working towards creating that bond with your clients through communication and promotion will help generate that return customer who thinks of you first.

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