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Move/5000 Print Transaction Receipt

Merchants that use the iWL250 or Move/5000 series pin-pads which have built-in thermal printers now have the capability to print transaction receipts from their pin-pad.

Transaction receipts differ from ticket receipts in that transaction receipts only serve as a record of the specific credit card payment and it does not include detailed product/service/tip information.

After a "card-present" transaction on the pin-pad is successfully completed, the merchant will now see an extra link on the payments page that will allow them to print a transaction receipt:


Open Ticket:



Closed Ticket:



Selecting the "print receipt" link will print the transaction receipt:



The header of the receipt will be filled in with the merchant name and address as entered on their merchant account and complies with all "card-present" receipt requirements. You cannot print a transaction receipt for a card-not-present transaction. 
** This feature only applies to merchants using iWL258 and Move/5000 pin-pads**



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