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Reloading of Gift Cards

We offer the ability to add additional funds to existing gift cards. New funds can be added to a gift card via Point of Sale. Please review the following steps: 

  1. Go to Point of Sale section of MyTime
  2. Select "New Ticket"
  3. Select the Products tab on the right side of the page 
  4. Select Gift Cards
  5. Once you select Gift Cards, the following pop-up box will appear. 7075857-e267c449581eb58b8958b729d02fa8bc.png
  6. Fill out the "card # " box with the existing gift card number. If you want to check the gift card balance before reloading it, select the "check balance" link. 7075899-1a36048e3e50b82e9a3f244b54036dd3.png
  7. The remaining balance will be shown. You can fill out the "amount to add " box with the new dollar amount and select save.  7075919-2a50ff0227f0b71ccec2d02662415213.png
  8. Proceed to take payment and close the ticket. 

  The amount added will be added to the client's gift card balance.






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