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Reloading Gift Cards in POS

We offer the ability to add additional funds to existing gift cards. New funds can be added to a gift card via Point of Sale. Please review the following steps: 

  1. Navigate to POS > New Ticket
  2. Select the Products tab on the right sidebar
  3. Select Gift Cards
  4. Once you select Gift Cards, the pop-up box below will appear 7075857-e267c449581eb58b8958b729d02fa8bc.png
  5. Fill out the "card #" field with the existing gift card number. If you want to check the gift card balance before reloading it, select the "check balance" link 7075899-1a36048e3e50b82e9a3f244b54036dd3.png
  6. The remaining balance will be shown. You can fill out the "amount to add " field with the new dollar amount and select save 7075919-2a50ff0227f0b71ccec2d02662415213.png
  7. Proceed to take payment and close the ticket

The amount added will be added to the client's gift card balance.






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