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Stock Checks

For our Merchants who are using our Inventory Tool heavily, we have enabled the ability for you to check your stock counts. This is extremely helpful if you have Weekly, Monthly Quarterly, or Yearly inventory counts that need to be done. 


1) Go to /inventory/stock_checks, you can see stock existing stock checks for a given location and filter them by status
2) Click "New Stock Check" and choose the brands or categories of products you want to count in retail and/or back bar stock, among other info:
3) Once the count is past the start time, you can click "Start Counting"
4) From the count page, you can see a paginated list of all skus to count, with some summary info on the progress of the stock check:
5) Click "Add Count" to open a modal to start actually counting that sku:
6) Click save to track the latest count number
7) When you're done counting, click "Submit Count" and you will see a last summary before completing the check
8) Click the final "Submit Count" button, which will adjust all inventory items you counted to the new totals, and close the stock check for future editing. It will be tagged "Completed" and read only:



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