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Staff Member Clock In/Out Via The Mobile App

The MyTime Mobile App for Merchants offers the capability for staff members to clock in/out. The App will use a GPS geofence to determine if the user is entering/leaving the workplace and send a push notification reminding the user to clock in/out. This serves as an automatic reminder for the staff member to clock in/out. Once the staff member logs into the mobile app, they will see a notification as seen below: 



Mobile App users also have the option of disabling push notifications for the reminders.  On the user profile screen, there's a toggle for the user to either turn on/off the push notification. The setting is enabled by default as seen in the screenshot below. 


If the push notification is disabled, the staff member has the option of clocking in/out via their profile on the mobile app. The profile screen is easy to access via the mobile app, it is located on the top left corner of the main calendar page as seen below: 


To get to your profile, select Dashboard > next select the person icon on the upper left side of the screen > Time Sheet > Select Clock In/Out. Please see the profile example screenshot below: 





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