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Tax Exempt Feature

MyTime now offers merchants the option to apply tax-exempt status to individual clients. Once the tax-exemption is applied, the client will not be charged taxes on any purchases made with the merchant. The tax-exempt status is typically used for government fleets, churches, non-profits and others who are tax-exempt. The merchant can apply the tax-exempt status to a client by going to the client's record. Once on the client record, go to the Details section and select the paper/pen icon, a pop-up box will then appear and you will scroll to the Tax Exempt section and select the Exempt Checkbox and then select save at the very bottom. Now you will see the tax-exempt status labeled underneath the Details section of the client record. Please see below:  


This feature can be controlled via access controls which default to "blocked" for all roles except for the account owner. You can give other roles access by going to Business Setup > Staff & Availability > Access Controls > Select the role you would like to grant "access" to > Go to the Clients section of access controls > Grant access to this feature via the "Editing Clients Tax Status" section. Please see below:


For tax-exempt clients, anywhere that normally would display a tax amount on tickets, you will now see the word ‘Exempt”. As seen below: 


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