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Report: Daily Payments


The Daily Payments report shows all payments amounts and payment types from closed tickets, based on the date the ticket was first closed.

The amounts received include taxes and tips, as well as any prepaid appointments. The data on this report comes from closed tickets for specified time frame. 

* This report is often compared alongside the Register/Closeout report, but both reports may not always match. The Daily Payments report will report on all closed tickets for specified timeframe and their payment types/amounts (including prepaid appointments). The Register/Closeout report will only report payments taken in person, and only record payments that were taken while the register was open.


Report Filters:

 Filter Description

Filter by location the ticket is associated with. Will only be visible if multiple locations exist within the account.


Filter tickets by selected staff, or all staff. 


Select desired date range. This range will determine the tickets reported, the tickets will be displayed by original close date.



Column Description

Tickets/payments are organized by ticket close date. Clicking on the arrow for specific day will expand the column, providing the ticket and payment information. 

Ticket #

Ticket number associated with the payment


Client associated with payment

 Payment Types (cash/credit card/check/other)

Payment types and amounts are displayed from closed tickets. Expanding the date column will provide breakdown of payments.


Total collected payments for the day or for each ticket (if date column expanded)





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