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How To Set Up Classes/Events

MyTime offers a class/event feature for our merchants. In order to enable classes/events on your MyTime Account, you will need to follow these steps: 

1.) Merchants will need to notify Customer Success that they would like classes enabled on their         account. 

2.) Once Classes have been enabled, you can begin to create classes/events for your business. 

The Business Setup section of your account will have an additional tab labeled "Classes," once the classes setting has been enabled.




The Classes section is where the merchant creates their class/events options. First, you select "+ Add new Class Category" and then name the Class Category, for example, if you were a personal trainer, you may choose to create a "Zumba" class category. Once you create the Class Category, you then have the option to "+ add another class" under the Zumba Category. Please see the screenshot below: 



Once you select, "+ Add another class in Zumba," a pop-up box will appear and this is where you add the details for the class. Please see the example below: 



Classes/Events have some advanced booking setting options:
1. Time-based restrictions on booking classes/events. It is possible now to specify a time range during which booking is allowed, relative to the time of the event. Bookings either too early or too late will not be allowed.
2. Member-only spots on classes/events. Any active membership is required to book such a spot. This is enforced both on the booking widget, and the merchant-side roster page (non-members will not show up in the client search for a member-only spot).
Note that these settings are both per attendee type.

After adding the details of the class/event, please make sure to select "save" at the bottom of the page. Once your class/event is created you can now start to schedule the class by following these steps: 

1.) Go to the Scheduler and select the "Schedule Class" button located on the left side of the screen under the calendar section.


2.) A pop-up box will appear that says," Schedule New Class/Event:



3.) Fill out the information for the Class and select, "save." Once you have scheduled a class, you can access the class roster which will show any customers who booked through the widget online, or you can add clients manually:



4.) To add a client manually to the class, you would select, "view roster." A pop-up box will appear with the class roster information. You will see a search box under the attendee section, select the person icon that is located to the right of the search box to manually add a client. Please see the example below: 




5.) If a merchant has installed a booking widget, classes can also be booked using this method. 




In order to add the Booking Widget and Express Checkout embed codes for classes, you will need to go to the Marketing tab and select Website Tools. Next, select "Add Class/Event Booking To Your Website," and follow the set up instructions. Please see below: 



Merchants can also "take payment" from the Roster. To begin the check-out process, you would select "Take Payment" which is located under the payment column of the roster. 





See our Help Center Article on Creating Virtual Classes and Events: Virtual Classes and Events


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