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Explanation For The Register Section Of The Business Snapshot Report

Business Snapshot Register:

  • Starting Cash: The starting cash is the total of all Actual Cash from the Opening Count (aka Starting Cash) the first time each register was opened for the day. Example: If Register 1 was opened with $50 and Register 2 was opened with $50, the total starting cash is $100. If the register is opened more than once in the day, only the starting cash from the initial register opening is counted.


  • Tickets: This shows the total of all tickets closed to a specific register by payment type throughout the day. This does not include tickets closed while no register was opened.
  • Add/Withdraw: The Add/Withdraw column shows the total for all deposits and withdrawals to the register. This includes withdrawing tips.
  • Count: Count is only shown for cash, credit cards, and checks.
    • Cash: Because cash can have a starting and ending total each time the register is opened, the cash count here shows the count of the Actual Cash for the last close of each register throughout the day. It does not include cash from registers that were not opened on the day the report is ran or registers that were never closed. It also does not include cash from registers opened more than once other than the last time the register was closed. This is similar to the starting cash, but for closing the registers.
    • Card: This count shows the total of all credit card transactions processed while a register was opened throughout the day. It is different from cash in that this includes all credit card transactions posted to a register, even if the register was opened more than once.
    • Check: The logic for checks is the same as that for credit cards. This count shows the total of all check transactions processed while a register was opened throughout the day.
  • Over/Short: The over/short column shows the total that the cash, credit cards, and checks were over or short for the day. For the cash row, this includes any initial overage or shortage. For credit cards and checks, the overage or shortage is calculated as the expected value minus the actual value since there can be no initial overage or shortage..
  • Deposit to Bank: This column shows the total of all cash or checks deposited to the bank. The deposit to bank amounts are entered when you close a register.
  • Left in Register: The amount of cash left in each register on its final close for the day. It does not include registers that were not opened that day.
  • If we selected a custom date range with multiple days, the following columns won’t have values:
    • Starting Cash
    • Count
    • Over/Short
    • Left in Register
    • Deposit to Bank


In the event you do not close the register at the end of the night and balance the drawer, the system will close any register that is left open a few minutes after midnight. Because the information is not being manually entered, The system will assume a perfect value. 

This will ensure that you still have a register report available for your reporting. This will also add a timestamp that the drawer was closed by the system, instead of a specific user.  

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