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Setting Hourly Payment Types

Setting the hourly payment type is done from the Staff & Availability page in Business Setup. The button is found at the bottom of the page.


Selecting Hourly Payment Types opens a modal for adding, editing, and deleting hourly rate types.


The productive time column sets the payment type as “Productive” in MyTime. Only service providers are able to clock in for any productive time. Any productive hours worked are shown on the Time Tracking report as Production Hours. These hours are also used in the Compensation Report if the staff has any commission that is dependent on productivity.

If the Productive box is not checked in the payment type modal, the time is considered Administrative Type. In the Time Tracking report, the hours are shown as Administrative Hours. This time is not counted towards a staff member’s productivity for the purpose of commissions.

Important: Make sure to save each payment type before closing the modal! Any unsaved changes will be lost.

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