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What is Settle Later?

Settle later allows merchants to obtain a tip on a ticket. The authorize and settle later option is only available for tickets that have services attached. It will not be an option on tickets with only products attached.

For this feature to function correctly, you need a way for the customer to sign and tip. This means you either need our MyTime Scheduler iOS or Android App OR have a receipt printer paired with MyTime. If you need a receipt printer click here: https://www.mytime.com/hardware

How Does It Work:

In the below example, we have a $10 service. We can choose to click the card on file (AMEX 2007) which gives us the option to Print and Settle later, or we can select Swipe Card which will provide us with a checkbox to choose Authorize and Settle later. If we choose either of these options, it will authorize the card for an amount 5% greater then your maximum tip. The administrator sets the maximum tip in Business Setup > Settings >Tipping. We do this to ensure the customer's card can cover the ticket + max tip + an additional 5% if they decide to tip over and above your max tip. 

The max tip for this business is 30%. Therefore a $10 ticket would have $10 (ticket total) + $3 (max tip of 30%) + 00.50 (5% of $10) = Authorization for $13.50

If the client chooses to tip $1, then the finalized transaction will be $11. If the client decides to leave no tip, the final transaction will be $10. 

 When To Use This:

Any time you want to offer the customer a chance to leave a tip on a service. There are two ways of obtaining a tip. First, if you do not have a printer or our mobile app, you can verbally ask the customer if they would like to leave a tip. Verbally asking for a tip can be awkward and is less than ideal therefor you have the second option to settle later which will then allow the customer to sign and tip either your mobile phone or receipt. 


Business Setup > Settings > Tipping:


Example of what a customer will see on a settle later transaction on a $10 ticket with a 30% max tip:


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