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iWL Setup

If you see the wifi signal with the red x on your screen, this means you need to simply connect your iWL device to WiFi to begin taking payments. 


  1. Click the F key (below the 7 key) 4-6 times. 
  2. Click Access Points 
  3. Select New by clicking the top left black key
  4. Scroll to your WiFi network with the up and down arrow then press the green enter button
  5. Click Enter again on WPA/WPA2 
  6. Enter your WiFi password. Clicking each number will offer first the number. Second the corresponding lowercase letter. Third, the uppercase corresponding letter e.g pressing 2 would cycle 2abcABC in that order # and 0 offer special characters 
  7. Once the password is entered press the green enter button. Wait about 15-30 seconds and you should get a "connected" confirmation screen. 
  8. Click the red X and return to the home screen. The WiFi indicator should no longer have a red X like indicated and should appear the same as the photo below. You are now ready to take payments through the MyTime POS! 



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