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Storing Client Credit Card Information

Merchants have the capability of storing or not storing a client's credit card information. You have three settings to choose from regarding storing a client's credit card which can be adjusted in your Settings.


  1. Store the credit card information on the client's record, but not require it to be stored in order to schedule an appointment. 
  2. Require to have the credit card information stored in order for appointments to be scheduled. 
  3. Do not allow credit card information to be stored.


In order to select which setting you desire to use, you will need to go to Business Setup > Settings > Calendar >Store Client Credit Cards? Make your selection. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Save.



If you are requiring the credit card information to be stored for every appointment you will need to enter it directly into their client record or on the Scheduler pop up window while booking. 


To do this on the Client page directly go to Clients > Search by Client Name > Select the Client. Once you access the Client Record, select the pen and paper icon located to the right of the "Details" section. A pop-up window will appear, scroll down to the Payment Methods section and select "add a card." 






If you are storing the credit card information but not requiring it to book an appointment you can save the information at the time of checkout. Before you swipe the card, you can mark Save to Client Profile. 



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