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SMS Double Opt-In for Transactional and Marketing Campaigns

MyTime created an option under Automated Messages for merchants to send an "opt-in" message to clients in order for them to receive transactional and marketing sms messages. These setting can be enabled by logging into your MyTime Account and going to Marketing > Automated Messages > Client Engagement. Please see the screenshot below: 


Once these campaigns are activated, clients will not receive any SMS messages until they reply YES to a confirmation SMS they receive.
This is what occurs when the `Transactional SMS Opt-In` campaign is turned ON:
  •  When a client is created and the Transactional SMS checkbox for this client is selected, a   message asking the merchant to confirm they want to receive SMS is going to be sent
  •  When a client record is in this pending state (waiting for a response), no Transactional SMS   will be sent.
  •  The client page will display an indicator that the client needs to respond to the SMS

Please see the screenshot below: 




  •  If the client responds YES, then he/she will start receiving SMS Transactional Messages
  •  If the client responds with HELP, then they will receive a reply back with a customized   message
  •  If the client responds with STOP, then they will be unsubscribed.
  •  If the client's contact information is edited and the phone number has changed, then the   confirmation process is repeated.
  •  If the client contact information is edited and the transactional SMS checkbox is   unchecked,  then the SMS checkbox is selected later, customers will have to go though the   entire confirmation process again. 
All messages: Initial SMS Opt-In Messages in which we ask for permission from clients, can be fully customized from the MyTime interface when editing the campaign.
 As a reminder, MyTime currently does not send Marketing SMS messages, however, this is a   feature we will be launching soon.
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