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Credit Card Hardware - Selecting Entry Method in the Mobile App

In the Checkout portion of the mobile app, click: + Credit Card then at the top of the screen: Entry Method.
This will open another screen where you can pick the entry method to match up to your hardware.
For example: IDTech BT Swiper, EloTouch, or a Terminal
(Important to note. ICMP is a terminal that needs to be registered. It is not a bluetooth card reader.)
Below are the list of common devices that will show up in your list. If you will be using a hardware terminal like an iPP320 or iWL258 it will need to be registered to your MyTime account via the settings page; then it will show up below the general choices and will show the name given during the registration process.
  • Keyed-In
  • ID TECH iMag Pro || => Lightning Jack
  • ID TECH UniMag || => Audio Jack
  • ID TECH BT Mag => Bluetooth Swiper
  • Elo PayPoint Card Reader



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