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Adding MyTime to your Instagram Account

You can now add a MyTime Book button to your Instagram Business Page! Follow these simple steps and your clients will be able to book directly from your Instagram Account: 


OR follow these steps below: 


  1. Convert your Instagram account to a business profile, if you haven't already. For instructions on how to convert an Instagram profile to a business account, please see:
    Set Up a Business Profile on Instagram.


  1. Go to your Instagram business profile using the Instagram mobile app, click on your profile photo on the lower right-hand side of the screen. Now that you are viewing your profile click the “Edit Profile” button to the right of your profile photo.


  1. You'll see a section called Business Information.  Under that section, click on "Contact Options".


  1. Click "Add an action button".


  1. On the next screen, select MyTime, and click Next.


  1. Under URL, paste this link: https://www.mytime.com/mkp/YOURMID/?instant_experiences_enabled=true&referrer=ig


Please replace YOURMID with your actual Merchant ID, which you can get from MyTime's CS team at support@mytime.com

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