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Adding Instagram To Your MyTime Account

You can now add Instagram to your MyTime Account! Follow these simple steps and your clients will be able to book directly from your Instagram Account: 

1. First, if you haven't already, create an Instagram account for your business! See here for more information (Instagram | Business) on why Instagram is a great place for your products and services to be discovered. 

2. Second, convert your Instagram account to a business profile, if you haven't already. See here for more information on how to do so. (Convert Personal Profile to a Business Profile)

3. Third, go to your Instagram business profile on your mobile phone, and click “Edit Profile.” Under the “Contact Options” section, there will be an option to “Add an action button.” See here for a video of these steps (https://www.dropbox.com/.../AADCJ7dIBgYZKl-e_-MS_7uka...).

You may notice a small discrepancy in the color scheme of your Instagram Widget. This discrepancy may appear due to your internet speed. At first, the widget will default to the MyTime blue color. Next, the widget would receive the widget settings from the API (Application Programming Interface) and update the color accordingly. This will cause the color of your Instagram widget to be different than the MyTime blue. Here is a screencast that will help explain the color logic: YouTube: MyTime Color Scheme Troubleshoot

For more information about how Instagram can help drive your business, or for tips on how to create great post, stories, and other content, see: Instagram | Business

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