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Initial iCMP Pairing & Setup

Before using the iCMP Bluetooth Credit Card Reader for the first time, it needs to be charged for a minimum of 3 hours. Charge the device for 6 hours for a full charge.

All Ingenico iCMP devices should come from the supplier with the correct settings, please follow through these steps on your initial setup:

Setting the correct Pairing Mode
  • Turn the reader on by briefly pressing the power button on the right.
  • While the iCMP is rebooting, unlock your iPad and select Settings >> Bluetooth
  • Once the iCMP device is booted please select iOS by pressing the F1 key
  • This will allow the iCMP to search for iOS devices nearby for pairing
  • The iCMP will find your iPad and select your iPad with the Green button on the iCMP
  • The iCMP will provide a PIN which you will enter on the iPad
Set the Custom Display Message on iCMP
Please follow the steps HERE as this is also a mandatory final step. 
If the iOS option does not appear when you first boot up your device please click HERE
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