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MyTime System Requirements

The following minimum specifications are recommended to create an optimal, low-latency
experience using MyTime’s cloud-based Scheduler and Point of Sale application. MyTime
may still be accessed and function on devices that don’t meet these minimum specs, but
the overall user experience could be impacted. 


10+ Mbps high-speed connection for real-time syncing with server and integrated credit
card processing. Cabled and local area networks provide the most stability.


Processor: Core i5 processor or higher
RAM: 8GB of RAM (16 GB preferred)
Hard Drive Space: 1GB (only required for local storage of data if an oine mode is enabled)

iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod

OS: iOS 13.0 or later
App Size: 35.9 MB

ANDROID (Tablet, Mobile)

OS: Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later
App Size: 44 MB

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