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Setting Custom Display Message on iCMP


In order to customize a message on iCMP, make sure it is paired with iOS first. If the device is not paired up with iOS, click here
Setting Custom Message: 
  1. Log in to your MyTime account
  2. Go to Business Setup and Settings 
  3. Scroll down to POS and select your location
  4. Click Edit next to the iCMP for which you wish to set default display message 
  5. Type in the message as it should display in the Display Message field e.g. Welcome to MyTime.
  6. Stop. Do not click save. Open and log in to the MyTime Scheduler App on your iOS device: 

>> Log in to your MyTime Scheduler app and click on POS at the bottom of the screen 

>> Create a test ticket: +Product / Miscellaneous Charge / Price / Add / Pay / +Credit Card

>> If not already selected, pick the iCMP from the Entry Method list 

>> iCMP should go black and display Connecting to Bluetooth terminal 

>> The iCMP should briefly show Connected OR the iPad will show connected to Bluetooth device. 

Go back to the browser and click Save. After around 20 seconds, the screen will take you back to the Setting menu. 

In order to see your custom message, reboot the iCMP by briefly holding in the reset button on the side of the machine. When it comes back, you should be able to see the newly set default message. 

You can now cancel out of the test ticket on your iPad. We suggest you create a new test ticket and now run a test transaction.   




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