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Automated Message Template Icons

When modifying marketing templates, you have the option to add different icons into these messages. Please refer to the list below to explore the available options for automated message templates.

Automated Message Icons:

Icon Action
Automated Messages - MyTime (1).png Insert Client First Name
Automated Messages - MyTime (2).png Insert Your Business Name
Automated Messages - MyTime.png Insert Your Business Phone Number
Automated Messages - MyTime (3).png Insert Link to Profile
Automated Messages - MyTime (4).png Insert Book Now Button
insert Book with Client button.png Insert Book With Client Now Button
insert Book with Client now link.png Insert Book With Client Now Link
Automated Messages - MyTime (5).png Insert Manage Appointment Link
insert update your credit card link.png Insert Update Your Credit Card Link
insert referral link.png Insert Referral Link
insert Family member.png Insert Family Member/ Pet
insertb appointment time.png Insert Appointment Time
insert appointment end time.png
Insert Appointment End Time
insert service name.png Insert Service Name
insert employee.png Insert Employee
insert location phone number.png Insert Location Phone Number
insert location nickname.png Insert Location Nickname
insert location address.png Insert Location Address
insert intake form.png Insert Intake Form Link

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