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Membership Cancellation Fee

Membership cancellations are an inevitable occurrence in business, and while regrettable, they do occur. Some businesses may choose to extend the option for customers to utilize the item and value credits they have accrued for a specified period following the termination date. At MyTime, merchants can configure a cancellation fee if a client opts to cancel their membership. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to configure a cancellation fee for memberships.

Things to Know:

  • Access to the membership configuration page is restricted and necessitates enabling the "Access Memberships" permission for staff members to configure memberships. This setting can be located by navigating to Staff & Availability > Access Controls Settings > choosing the Business Setup option > Memberships.
  • You can only charge a membership cancellation fee if the client has a card on file. Once you set up a cancellation fee on a membership, initiating a cancellation from the client's profile will trigger a pop-up asking if you want to charge the client the cancellation fee. If you agree, the system will automatically charge the fee to the client’s card on file.

Adding Membership Cancellation Fee 

From the Memberships tab:

  1. Go to Business Setup
  2. Click on Membershipsmembership.jpg
  3. Navigate to the membership you wish to apply the cancellation fee to, then in the membership general settings, locate the Cancellation Fee section
  4. Enter the dollar amount you want to charge clients when they cancel the membership
  5. Click "Publish Membership" cancellation fee.jpg

From the client's profile:

  1. Go to the Clients tabclients.jpg
  2. Locate and select the client's profile
  3. On the client's profile, navigate to the Memberships section and click on the name of the membership you wish to add the cancellation feeScreenshot 2024-06-06 120218.png
  4. Click "Edit Membership"                                    edit membership.jpg
  5. On the Edit Membership modal, click on the hyperlink at the "Cancellation Fee" section and insert the dollar amount you want to charge for the cancellation.
  6. Click "Save"                                                                     save cancellation fee update.jpg

If a client wishes to cancel a membership with a cancellation fee, they will be charged once a card is on file. To learn how to cancel a membership on a client's profile, click here.


For more information, contact us at support@mytime.com or (385) 233-6964

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