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Gift Card Activity Report - COMING SOON

This report offers the ability to view audit trail activity for all gift cards.

Things to know:

  • Gift cards will appear in the report whether they were imported without a POS ticket, purchased in POS and the ticket is closed, or purchased in POS and the ticket is reopened
  • Gift cards purchased through POS and associated with an open ticket will not be displayed on the report

To access this report:   

1. Navigate to Dashboard

2. Select the Reports tab

3. Under the Clients section, select the Gift Card Activity report

Reports - MyTime.png

4. When the report loads, you can filter by the location and date. In the upper right, you may search by card number or client name.

5. Select "Update" to generate data on the report

You can also export the report as a CSV, PDF, or print version

Reports - MyTime (1).png

Report Filters

Filter Description
Location Location where the gift card was purchased
Date The date of the gift card transaction
Card# or Name The unique ID number of the gift card or the name of the client

Report Columns

Column Description
Card # The unique ID number of the gift card
Purchaser Name of the client who purchased the gift card
Recipient Name of the recipient of the gift card
Date The date the gift card was purchased in POS or added to the client profile
Location The location where the gift card was purchased
Ticket # The classifying number associated with the ticket. Clicking this link opens the ticket in MyTime POS
Activity This column indicates whether the gift card was purchased, adjusted, used, refunded etc.
Amount The total amount that is associated with the Gift Card

For more information contact us at support@mytime.com. 

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