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Deleting Clients on the Scheduler App

In this article, we will walk through the process of deleting clients from the Scheduler App.

Things to know:

  • When a client is deleted, past appointments are retained, but future appointments are automatically cancelled
  • When a client profile is deleted, any pet/family member/vehicle profiles, membership, and packages are deleted as well
  • Deleted client profiles can still be accessed through reports and past appointments. When you view their profile, the word Deleted will appear in parentheses beside their name.

To delete a client:

1. Log into the app. For details on how to, learn here

Once signed in, you will be directed to the schedule by default

2. Select "Clients" at the bottom of the screen


3. Select the client you wish to delete


4. Select the "Edit" option at the top of the screen


5. Navigate to the bottom of the page

6. Select "Delete Client"


7. The "Delete Client" modal will pop up, select "Delete"


Once a client has been deleted, they will no longer be visible on the clients screen.


For more information contact us at support@mytime.com.

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