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Adding Pets on Scheduler App

For pet merchants, you have the option to add pets to client profiles from the client tab. In this article, we will walk you through the steps of adding a pet to a client profile.

How to add pets on the scheduler app:

  1. After logging into the scheduler app, navigate to Clients at the bottom of the screen
  2. Search for the desired client         
  3. Open the client's profile
  4. Click on the +Add Pet hyperlink               add pet.jpg
  5. Enter as much information about the pet as necessary, pet name is mandatory
    • Pet Name: Enter the name client's pet
    • Pet Breed: Please enter the type of pet breed, for example, Labrador Retriever
    • Date of Birth: Select the client's pet's birth date
    • Weight: Enter the weight of the pet
    • Pet Type: Please specify the type of pet, for example, "Dog" or "Cat"
    • Gender: Select the gender of the client's pet
    • Vet Name: Enter the name of your pet's veterinarian
    • Vet Phone: Enter the name of your pet's veterinarian
    • Breeding Status: For Breeding Status, you can select "Active" or "Spayed/Neutered"
    • Last Vaccination: Select the date the pet received its last vaccination
    • Deceased: Here, you can check the box if the pet is deceased
    • Notes: This field is optional; feel free to leave a note about the client's pet here. Pet notes serve as personalized diaries for clients' furry companions, documenting their unique traits, behaviors, health concerns, and preferences to facilitate effective communication among staff and ensure optimal care, accessible from any device
    • Custom Service: Click the + Add a custom service hyperlink to set custom pricing and duration for specific service(s), along with selecting the preferred staff member                                                          add pet form.jpg
  6. After you've provided all the necessary information, click "Save" 
  7. Once saved, the pet's name will be reflected in the client's profile  pet name.jpg

To add additional pets, repeat steps 4 through 6.


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