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Employee Gender Filtering

The employee gender filtering feature allows clients to request a staff member of a specific gender when booking services online, which may be important for certain services like massages. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to configure employee filtering on your booking widget and explain how this feature works.

Things to know:

  • When configuring the gender filter, you can include any gender, and you can also change the name of the filter. By default, the genders will be set to male and female.
  • When booking online and choosing "Anyone" for the staff filter along with "All" for the gender filter, the system will maintain the round-robin mechanism for selecting staff.
  • If no specific employee is selected, but a gender is chosen in the gender filter, the system will automatically assign an employee with the selected gender.
  • If a specific gender is selected in the gender filter, employees of other genders will be disabled in the 'WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO BOOK?' filter (if your business is configured for the client to choose a staff member) and also in the 'FILTER BY STAFF MEMBER' section to the left of the page.
  • If the selected gender is changed to another gender on the checkout page, the staff selection filters on the service page, and the 'pick a time' page will be reset to "Anyone".

Employee Filter Configuration 

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Settings
  2. Under the Online Booking heading, locate and toggle the settings "Enable Employee Filter For Online Booking" on                               
  3. Once enabled, there will be 2 additional fields exposed for you to configure what your filter should look like and what it should include. The additional fields would be:
    • Employee Filter For Online Booking Label (e.g. Gender)
    • Employee Filter For Online Booking Options Comma-Separated (e.g. Male, Female)
  4. Once done, save your changes      

Gender Selection on Staff Profile

Once the settings are enabled you first need to make gender selections on the staff profiles: 

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Staff and Availability
  2. Select the staff profile you wish to edit
  3. On the staff profile, the gender selection field will be exposed
  4. Click the dropdown arrow to expose the gender options
  5. Select a gender, then save the staff profile

Gender Filtering on the Booking Widget

Once the settings and staff profiles are configured, your clients can filter their preferred staff gender for performing services when booking online. This filter will be displayed at the top of the service page, and on the 'pick a time' page.

Service page: 

Pick a Time page: 


The client’s selected gender preference will appear under the staff dropdown on the appointment modal.


For more information contact us at support@mytime.com or (385) 233-6964.    

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