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Delete Draft Purchase Orders

The "Draft" status of a purchase order signifies that it is currently being prepared and has not yet been sent to the vendor. Purchase orders in draft status offer the flexibility of being either deleted or canceled. This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to delete a draft purchase order.

Things to know:

A staff member who doesn't have access to view or edit purchase orders won't have the ability to delete them.

To delete a draft purchase order:

1. Navigate to POS > Inventory


2. Select "Purchase Orders", you will be directed to the Purchase Order page


3. Choose "View" to access the purchase order currently in "Draft" status


Upon selecting "View," the purchase order will be opened


4. Choose "Delete Draft" located at the bottom left corner of the page


5. The “Delete Draft” modal will appear. Select “Delete”


Once draft is deleted, it will be removed from the main purchase order pageIMG_0418.jpeg


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