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Cancellation Policy for Classes

MyTime enables you to establish a cancellation policy to regulate when clients can cancel their class bookings. Additionally, you have the option to implement a cancellation fee if clients fail to comply with your policy.

Things to know:

  • Class cancellation policies configured at the parent level can only be edited at the parent level
  • Once you set up a cancellation policy, it applies to both new and existing client bookings
  • The cancellation window can be in hours or days 
  • The cancellation fee will only be charged if the client cancels within the cancellation window. For example, the cancellation fee will be charged if the cancellation window is set to 2 hours, and a client cancels their class booking within 2 hours or less of the class's start time. A client who cancels within 2 hours and 15 minutes will not be charged the cancellation fee.  
  • Employees are not paid commission on cancellation fees 

In this article, you'll learn how to:

Configure Cancellation Policy

To configure a cancellation policy directly from the classes page:

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Classes
  2. Select "Edit" next to the class you want to adjust the cancellation policy for
  3. Locate the cancellation policy at the bottom of the class modal
  4. Choose the cancellation window by selecting the desired duration from the "How far in advance must clients cancel?" drop-down menu. This indicates the number of hours or days before the class begins that clients are allowed to cancel. Additionally, you can opt to permit cancellations up until the class's start time.
  5. Next, decide if you want to enforce a cancellation fee. If enabled, MyTime will require a credit card to hold class bookings and enforce a cancellation policy 
    • Select "Charge client the full amount for their class/event" if the cancellation fee should equate to the total price of the class
    • Select "Charge a percentage of the class/event value: x" if the cancellation fee should be a certain percentage of the total price of the class
    • Select "Charge a flat fee" if the cancellation fee should be a predetermined dollar amount, irrespective of the class's price
  6. Save

The cancellation policy will now be visible to your clients on the checkout page of your booking widget.            

Charging Cancellation Fees Online and In-Store

To cancel a class booking online, your clients will

  1. Navigate to your booking widget
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to their initial at the top of the page
  3. Once on their account, click Bookings from the left panel
  4. Locate the class booking, then click "View Details."
  5. You will be directed to the confirmation page for the class. Click the "Cancel Booking" link
  6. Confirm the cancellation by clicking the "Yes, Cancel Booking" button
  7. Agree to the cancellation fee                 

The cancellation fee will be automatically charged to the client's card, and their class booking will be successfully canceled.

To charge a cancellation fee in-store, your staff members can:

  1. Locate the class on the Scheduler and click to open
  2. On the class modal, click the "View Attendees" button
  3. You will be directed to the class roster to view all clients booked for the class. Click the pencil icon next to the client who wishes to cancel
  4. Click "Cancel Booking"
  5. Confirm the cancellation on the pop-up
  6. Agree to the cancellation fee charge by clicking the "Charge fee" button
  7. If the client booked online, their card on file will be automatically charged. If the business booked the class, you will be redirected to POS to take payment. 


If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team at support@mytime.com. 

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