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Back Bar Fee

Back bar fees are fees that a stylist or employee incurs for using products at a salon or business. MyTime allows these fees to be deducted from staff compensation to cover the cost of supplies to perform specific services at your business. 

To set up back bar fees:

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Staff & Availability page
  2. Select a staff member’s profile  6979112-3f7de40772eba2054d24678af051420d.png
  3. Scroll down to Compensation Reporting in the staff member's profile
  4. Select Straight Commission, then click set compensation by service 6978943-1ce4a0852590546e5bcfe16b5c5c038b.png
  5. From here, you may set a flat ($) amount or a percentage (%) to deduct from staff compensation for each service performed. You may also set a different back bar fee for each service. 6979050-0c573bc505e74e16620f757df49d6c2e__1_.png

Back bar fees are reflected in the Compensation Report. For more information about back bar fees in the Compensation Report, click here.


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