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How do I edit staff’s clocked in/out hours?

If someone forgets to clock in or out, don't worry! MyTime allows you to edit your staff's clocked hours.

To edit your staff's clocked hours, go to your Schedule page. Make sure your schedule is set to Day View or Agenda View.


Next, click the staff member's name whose hours you'd like to edit. In the dropdown, click Edit Clocked Hours.


The window below will appear, displaying the staff member's clocked hours for the week. To edit these hours, click the time you'd like to edit and manually enter the change.


If the employee clocked in and out multiple times per day, these times will all be displayed in the window. You can edit these too. In the example below, the employee clocked in and out multiple times on Friday.


You can add or delete time slots for each day. To add an additional time slot, click Add. To delete an existing time slot, click Delete.


You may also add hours for days when an employee did not clock in at all. In this example, if you'd like to add hours on Saturday, you must first set the employee to "In" by clicking on the switch (see below). Then you may enter hours on Saturday.


 Editing Hours from a Different Week

You can also edit a staff member's hours from a previous week! To do this, in your Schedule, go to your Day View in any day in the week you wish to edit. This will pull up the staff member's clocked hours for that week (see example below).


The popup window will appear, allowing you to edit clocked hours for the week you selected.



You can view the final tally of staff hours in your Time Tracking Report.

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