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How can I edit the header on my campaigns and automated messages?

Wondering how to edit the header of your campaigns and automated messages?


Editing your Photo

Your logo is the default photo in your header. If you'd like to use a different photo for the message, click on the photo to upload a new one.


Editing your Business Name, Address and Phone number

Your business name, address and phone number cannot be edited directly from the campaign or automated message. This information comes from your Business Setup page.


You can edit your business name at the top of your Business Profile section (see example below).

The address and phone number in your header come from your Location information. Note: If you have more than one location, your address will not appear in the header.


Select Edit next to your location. The address and phone number listed in this window will appear in your header. You may edit any information in this window. When you are finished, select Save Location Info.

This updated information will now appear in the headers of your campaigns and automated messages.

To learn more about how to edit and send campaigns, click here.

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