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Can MyTime POS Connect with a Physical Cash Drawer?

Yes! MyTime POS can be configured to open a physical cash drawer. When a receipt is printed from MyTime POS, the cash drawer will open (standard industry configuration).


You first need to connect your PC to a printer. Depending on your receipt printer this can be done via wifi, USB, Bluetooth etc.  Once the computer and printer are connected you must connect the printer to the cash drawer. This is generally done via an RJ12 cable that looks similar to a phone cable. 

Opening Cash Drawer:

To take cash payment for a POS ticket, click on "Take Payment" to the bottom right of the ticket, and then enter the cash amount provided by the client. When you click "Print Receipt" at the bottom of the ticket, the physical cash drawer will open, and the cash received will be recorded on the ticket, the printed receipt, and the virtual Cash Drawer.


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